Our Mission Statement


The Mission of APS is to safely provide quality, cost effective contract production management services for the natural gas and oil industry. The application of field tested production management techniques have consistently increased production, operating efficiency, safety and environmental compliance for our customers. APS provide a safety oriented work environment where a highly trained and effective team of employees achieve results.


APS hires the most experienced employees available and provides in-house training (including the APS Operator Qualification Program) to create production specialists. Field employees work closely with APS supervisors to safely and effectively solve production problems.


APS delivers results. Customer satisfaction will give APS the opportunity to grow with our customers and achieve financial stability. APS will reward its employees with competitive wages, benefits and career advancement opportunities.

About Us

Statement of Dedication

APSAPS is dedicated to earning our contracts every day and we strive to provide the highest level of quality service for our customers. We fully realize that our company can only be successful if our customers are successful and profitable. Our ability to independently manage field operations for our customers 24/7/365 eliminates the problems associated with supervising employees, maintaining trucks and equipment, supplies, etc... Our service allows the customer to focus on core business activities. All APS operations are conducted in a safety first work environment. Employees receive all training necessary to maintain federal and state requirements for safety and environmental regulations. APS is a drug and alcohol free workplace.

Production Management

The primary function of APS is to enhance the production deliverability of natural gas and oil wells and associated facilities. APS systematically evaluates all components of the production process and provides solutions to enhance production. Accurate field data is collected by trained field personnel on wells, facilities, pipelines and compressors. Field operations are also evaluated for safety and environmental compliance. Field data is reviewed and APS provides the customer with specific solutions to increase production, reduce operating costs and improve field operating efficiency. APS also offers construction management and well site services.

Production Enhancement

In an effort to maximize the production deliverability of each well and maintain cost efficiency with wells and facilities, APS offers annual or bi-annual well reviews. This process involves a roundtable discussion of each well and facility with input from well tenders, foremen, customer production personnel, engineers and management. Individual well performance is evaluated using decline curves, field data and direct input from each well tender. The ultimate goal is to compile an all-inclusive list of potential improvements to increase well, pipeline and facility efficiency and safety. Projects are prioritized to obtain the most cost effective results. Examples include: fluid removal efficiency (frequency of well soaping, blowing, swabbing, plunger-lift); salt, paraffin and scale treatments; optimizing pipeline performance (fluid removal via drips and pigging, salt removal), identify pipeline restrictions and define opportunities to reduce gathering pressures; define opportunities for pipeline looping; wellhead, group, booster and central compression; evaluate safety and environmental needs and compliance.