Our Services

Contract Production Operations

Contract Production

Contract Well Tending/Pumping: Marcellus & Utica Shale –high pressure/high volume horizontal wells; Production facility and equipment commissioning; Conventional/Shallow Oil & Gas (SOG) vertical wells; Coalbed methane (CBM) wells

Midstream & Pipeline Services

Midstream & Pipeline

Contract operate pipelines, compressor stations, dehydration units; Pipeline locating & leak patrols (DOT and Non-DOT); Pipeline Pigging; Poly pipeline installation and repair (2”-16”); Facility equipment maintenance & repairs; Contract operate Gas Distribution systems

Drilling and Completion Services

Drilling & Completion

Frac flowback and well testing (Virginia & KY) including: Frac valve installation/removal; Torque wrench service; Choke manifold, 1502 iron, separator, flare stack, frac tank and flowback tank rental. Frac flowback services meet all EPA air emission requirements. Pit liner and fence installation and maintenance.

Roustabout Services


Well and Facility Hook-ups; General Plumbing; Production equipment installation, maintenance & repairs; Mechanic services

Construction and Well Management

Construction & Well

Supervision of well site, facility and pipeline construction projects; Manage and coordinate third party contractors

Asset Evaluation


Production Enhancement studies. Evaluate wells, pipelines, facilities and producing properties for production/operating efficiency and upside potential; environmental and safety compliance

Equipment Services


Road repair/maintenance and facility upgrades: Dozer, backhoe, excavator, crane truck, snow plowing; Trucking and hauling; Remote well access via ATV and snowmobile